Data Scientist Intern

I worked as a Data Scientist Intern at Mattress Firm Inc in the summer of 2022. I was in a rotation program where I worked with Data Science team, Data Engineering Team, and Forecasting Team for a month each. Some of the responsibilities included:

  • cleaning and organizing data
  • performing initial data exploration
  • applying statistical analysis and machine learning techniques to extract insights from data, building predictive models, and identifying patterns or trends
  • identifying and creating relevant features or variables that could improve the performance of machine learning models
  • building and fine-tuning machine learning models, evaluating their performance using appropriate metrics, and making recommendations for model improvement
  • creating visual representations of data and analysis results to communicate findings effectively to supervisor
  • working closely with other team members, such as data engineers, software developers, and business analysts, to gather requirements, exchange knowledge, and deliver data-driven solutions
  • documenting the work, including data preprocessing steps, modeling techniques, and results, to ensure reproducibility and knowledge sharing within the team

While I was working with the Data Engineering Team, my responsibilities included:

  • building and maintaining data pipelines to extract, transform, and load (ETL) data from source systems to the data warehouse using Apache Airflow
  • ensuring the quality and integrity of data by implementing data validation rules, performing data profiling, and addressing data quality issues
  • assisting in the administration and maintenance of databases, including database monitoring, performance optimization, and troubleshooting
  • supporting data governance initiatives by implementing data security measures, ensuring compliance with data protection regulations, and assisting in the development of data privacy policies
  • working with cloud platforms like Azure to deploy and manage data processing and storage infrastructure using service like Google
  • documenting data engineering processes, workflows, and data pipelines to ensure knowledge transfer and maintainability

Graduate Research Assistant

I spent my entire graduate program working on a research project that involved data analysis and data science. Please find the details in the Research & Training to learn more about my work as a research assistant.

Google Data Analytics Professional Certificate

After my graduation, I enrolled in the Google Data Analytics Professional Certificate to enhance my understanding on data analysis. Please refer to the Certificate to learn more about my certificate.

Data Science Competition

In the collobaroation with Texas A&M Forest Service (TFS), the Texas A&M Institute of Data Science (TAMUIDS) organized 2023 Data Science Competition. It was a Wildfire Data Science Challenge. On that very event, I and my team participated in the competition and won one of the best Midway Visualizations in the competition.

Cybersecurity Project

In the fall 2022, as a project for Software Engineering class, I and my team worked with the Department of Cybersecurity, Texas A&M University, College Station to help them develop an interacting website. Some of the problems they were having were:

  • inconsistent record keeping
  • duplicate records
  • multiple source to register
  • less security
  • manual entry of records

We noted the problems of stakeholders and delivered an interactive website to solve the issues. Here are the things we did for this project:

  • developed a website that read the uploaded CSV files and parsed the CSV files in the backend
  • included features like editing the student information, super searching the information
  • implemented React on the front end and ruby-on-rails on the back end
  • deployed, managed, and scaled the apps using Heroku
  • utilized the Scrum Software development methodology The clients were satisfied with the work and the website is functioning at the moment.